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S7 Double End Picker For Shuttle Loom
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The Picker of S7 is mainly used in the loom of automatic change of weft and bobbin. According to the size of shuttle, the shed knot products of different sizes are selected. The shed knot of S7 is 35mm in height, 37.5mm in width, 61.5mm in width and 5.9mm in thickness. Its cross section is square. Two shed tongues R54 are installed in the inner cavity of S7 shed knot.S7 Double End Picker For Shuttle Loom part.

S7 picker

As shown in the side drawing of S-7 leather knot (shuttle knot), the inner cavity of the inner shell (leather tongue) and the main body of the leather knot are fixed by a clamping groove, and riveted with rivets. The inner shell is lower than the upper plane and the lower bottom plane of the leather knot.

S7 picking knot

The export-oriented shuttle knot S7 is made of multi-layer canvas glued and compressed. There are many kinds of textile equipment products. Special equipment loom parts can be customized and processed by consulting our company.

S7 loom picker

The product is packed in cartons with 100 pieces in each case. S7 shuttle knot can be divided into left hand and right hand. Based on this, the included angle between the side and the bottom is 90 ° (right angle). The shuttle point or leather tongue on one side is damaged, and the other side can be used continuously. S7 Double End Picker For Shuttle Loom.

shuttle loom S7picker

Our company provides various types and specifications of textile pickers, including P101, p103, p104, P106, p62, p55, P32, p36, S5, S6, S7, 2408, b9-3, b9-1 and more than 20 specifications. Welcome to consult and order!

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