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1511M Loom Let Off Bevel Gear Parts
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Our company provides 1511m loom let off bevel gear parts, loom B36 = 40t, b37 = 20t, textile milling bevel gear parts, the bevel gear combination is mainly used for 1511m shuttle loom let off, located under the 1511m machine, according to the 1:2 gear ratio to improve the warp let off speed, loom bevel gear material: QT, gray iron, each loom uses a set.

Loom bevel gear parts

The big gear is B36, with 40 teeth and 22mm inner hole, which is used to connect with the friction serrated axle of loom B12; the small bevel gear is b37, with 20 teeth and 24mm inner hole, which is fixed on the side axle of B17. The modulus is 2.54

Textile accessories R bevel gear

The end face of B36 bevel gear shall be flush with the shaft head of serrated axle B12, and the spinning gear, weaving machine bevel gear and milling tooth spinning gear shall all be fixed and compressed with top wire. The standard number of teeth of B36 and b37 is 30, made of HT15-33, which belongs to 1:1 gear ratio transmission.

1511 textile accessories Bevel gear

In the above figure, B36 = 50t, b37 = 24t. Our company provides various kinds of textile bevel gears with tooth ratio of 1:1, bevel gear of 1:2, tooth ratio of 24t / 50t, 20t / 32t bevel gear (used for small canvas weaving), bevel gear of textile machine with 22T / 36t, etc. welcome to consult and order with the majority of textile enterprises.

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