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Textile Leaf Spring K53 Shuttle Box Springs
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Xinda Textile accessories specializes in providing all kinds of textile leaf spring K53 shuttle box springs accessories, material 60Si2MnA (thickness 1.5mm), the total length of textile leaf spring K53 is 220mm, and it is connected with the Q4 or 3304 shuttle box back plate of the loom. Looms of 1511, 1515 and other models can be used in general, textile Hardware stamping accessories, shuttle box spring parts of the loom, all kinds of spring-k52 shuttle side spring of the old shuttle loom, K53 open Close side spring, K54 stop engine spring, K55, K69, K57 reed clamp spring, K58 front brake rail torsion spring


Weaving machine spring, weaving machine leaf spring, torsion spring, tension spring accessories are complete, including textile F48 leather ring edge compression spring, weaving machine multi shuttle box Yuanbao spring, compression spring, safety spring K56 and other products, welcome to purchase.

Loom accessories K53 Spring

The outer packaging of the product is carton, 20 pieces per bundle, 600 pieces per box. The surface is phosphatized and non quenched. Please know.

textile spring parts K53

Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd. is a supplier of textile leaf spring, textile spring and shuttle box spring. Special spring and leaf spring can be processed and customized in batch. Welcome to consult and order!!

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