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Our company is specialized in cotton loom and wood shuttle processing, fully automatic loom and wood shuttle customization business, and supports the wholesale of cotton loom and wood shuttle manufacturers. The size of wood shuttle is 343mm * 45mm * 35mm, single porcelain eye weft insertion, and the side wall of inner cavity is installed with bristle wool. The product is suitable for automatic shuttle changing cotton loom, and the matching weft tube is 180mm long.

343 Cotton loom wooden shuttle

The above picture shows the wood shuttle of cotton loom in stock, 50 pieces / box, with the production time of 2008, circular arc tube weft slot, with nylon sleeve shuttle core, with the inventory of more than 15000 pieces.

Cotton loom 343 wood shuttle

The color of the wood shuttle produced by the wood shuttle manufacturer of cotton loom will turn dark and yellow when it is stored for a long time. This is due to the soaking treatment in the shuttle making process at that time, which can prevent the shuttle from cracking when it is stored naturally, and at the same time, it can prevent the moth from eating. The shape of the shuttle head and the shuttle body is smooth.

Loom shuttle

Shuttle head details - the side passes through the wire slot and the white kiln burns the porcelain hole to ensure that the weft yarn is not hung in the process of drawing out, so as to reduce the hairiness of cotton yarn on the cloth surface. The steel paper gasket at the joint of the shuttle head and the shuttle body is mainly used to prevent the crack caused by the inconsistent frequency when the force is transferred to the shuttle body when the shuttle tip is impacted during weft insertion.

Cotton loom wooden shuttle

This cotton loom and wooden shuttle can also be used in project decoration, large-scale city landmark construction and wedding escort. In addition, our company also provides more than 60 kinds of wooden shuttles and other conventional nylon shuttles for various textile machines, with various varieties, quality assurance and real value for money.

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