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Weaving Machine J36 Arm Accessories
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J36 is mainly used in the shuttle changing guide device of old loom 1511m, 1515k and GA615. The material of J36 is HT15-33, which belongs to the sand turning part of textile accessories. The straight length is 77mm, the hole diameter is 6mm, and the screw is M5. It is a general accessory of old loom.

Textile machinery accessories J36w

The arms of J36 imperial rod are divided into left and right hands, which are connected with j16d imperial rod. One piece is used for each loom, with crank shape, Henan textile machine accessories, shuttle machine parts, j38r imperial wire, j35 imperial wire connecting core as shown in the following figure

J35 connecting core for steel wire

The length of j35 connecting core is 19mm, screw M5 is used to connect with the loom 3335 or j16, the shuttle changing accessories are induced by the textile machinery, the small accessories of J part of the loom are processed, forged, sand cast and professional textile accessories.

Weaving machine J36 control arm

Our company provides weaving machine J36, weaving machine accessories, imperial rod, and wholesale a large number of vulnerable textile hardware accessories such as J32 weft fork (referred to as weft fork), heald frame free hook, etc. the product packaging is cartons, 500 pieces / box (weft fork), 1000 sets / box (free hook).

J36 textile accessories arm

Our company has been engaged in the sales of textile accessories and textile equipment for 20 years. We have a complete production chain of textile accessories to ensure the quality of products. Welcome to purchase and cooperate with the majority of textile enterprises!

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