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The Roller Lever Of Projectile Loom
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Our company provides the blade loom let off gear holder assembly (double), The Roller Lever Of Projectile Loom part No. 911 105 336, P7100 blade loom let off accessories, the total component of the holder is single head, double head, quenching treatment, the color is red brown, the English product name of the let off gear holder is roller lever, which is suitable for various models of Sulzer Sulzer blade loom in Switzerland.

P7100 Parts of projectile loom 911 105 336

There are two tension holes on the feed gear fixing assembly of the 911 105 536 projectile loom, which are used to fix on the short shaft of the adjusting base. The textile machinery accessories - shuttle sanding accessories are sent to the gear fixing assembly (double) for special treatment.

Accessories of Sulzer projectile loom

Pu-d1 woven machine accessories, stud press handle shaft, support bolt, Bush, worm 1:39, external friction plate 911 105 455, tooted rim copper worm wheel, feeding shaft clamp, etc.

Parts of projectile loom ROLLER LEVER

The lower cover of the warping bracket is 911 864 022, the back fastening nut is 921 509 901, the coiling worm is 912 510 115, the ring clamp shaft flange is used to feed the large gear 911 306 287 (diameter 795mm, number of teeth 157).

sulzer Let off gear holder of projectile loom

The products of Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd.The Roller Lever Of Projectile Loom, belong to Sulzer loom accessories, loom let off mechanism accessories, let off gear accessories and other categories!

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