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Centering Blade D1 With HM-INSERT
Centering Blade D1 With HM-INSERT time:2019-12-24 09:37:51 click:5681 keywords:projectile loom parts, positioning center piece, pud1

The main function of pud1 locating center piece is to locate the weft in the center of projectile loom parts. The part number of locating center piece centering blade D1 with hm-insert is 911 320066, which is located at the shuttle feeding and picking position of the projectile loom. The product surface is phosphatized and the color is black.

Positioning center piece of projectile loom

The lower part has a square hole for fixing, and the bottom part has a tension screw hole for locking the square shaft, so as to realize fixing.

Sulzer accessories P7 positioning center piece

The part code of D2 positioning center piece is 911 320 187 (there is a hole at the back of the opening), and that of tw11 is 911 120 243. Please pay attention to the difference of opening size and shape identification.

Positioning center piece of pu-d1 projectile loom parts

The package of D1 type sheet shuttle positioning center piece is self sealing bag, 10 pieces / bag, starting order quantity: 10 pieces, the default payment will be sent to Zhongtong express. Welcome all textile enterprises and purchasers around the city to contact and consult sheet shuttle accessories, center piece, pud1 center piece.

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