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Multi Shuttle Loom 1x4 Accessories
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The 1x4 mechanical assembly and disassembly accessories of multi shuttle loom are mainly used for 1515 and GA615 looms, which are divided into computer control and mechanical control. They are suitable for weaving plaid, scarf, Arab headscarf and other products used by ethnic minorities. Our company provides a variety of multi shuttle accessories assembly, disassembly, textile multi shuttle box components, there are shuttle 1x4 multi shuttle lifting device, etc.

Disassembly drawing of multi shuttle loom

The 1x4 products of multi shuttle loom are leather knot 2408 or b9-3, Mg lattice machine accessories, 214c automatic lattice machine accessories, textile machinery pig iron and nodular iron accessories assembly parts. The above figure is a complete set of multi shuttle device disassembly drawing.

Multi shuttle loom accessories B-16 reverse steel plate rolling head B-01

Multi shuttle automatic lattice machine B-16 reverse steel plate rolling head, width 25 mm, material: gray iron, processing technology: sand casting, drilling and threading; B-01 square tofu dry spring, weaving machine leaf spring hardware, color: black.

Textile multi shuttle box pulley accessories

C-40 shuttle box hoist of multi shuttle loom, with an outer diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 13mm, is used for 4x4 or 1x4 shuttle box parts of multi shuttle device.

Textile multi shuttle accessories compression spring

B-15 multi shuttle loom umbrella handle spring, length 230mm, width 25mm, 2 pieces for each machine, fixed position as follows:

Textile multi shuttle 1x4 transmission accessories

Multi shuttle loom, multi shuttle accessories, loom, 1x4 mechanical disassembly accessories - produced by Huixian Xinda Textile Machinery Accessories Co., Ltd., welcome to consult!

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